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Guardian Home Prospects

When you opt to be a guardian of one of our breeding dogs you become an invaluable part of our program. You are not required to pay the purchase price of the dog *$2500-$4500* but more than that, you help us have multiple sires to choose from to make the best match to our females, and the best puppies for our clients, that we can. As well, you become the reason we don't have to pass up keeping that ideal puppy that may come at a time when our faciities are full. And, most importantly, you give our dogs the opportunity to have a one on one, or in the case of families, a bunch to one, best friend ratio! 

Some details: 

Male: Male dogs are required to be kept in tact and not bred with females outside of our program. Routine vet care is required as well as some additional visits necessary for his breeding health. You provide for your dogs needs as you  would any other pet, and I pay for any and all breeding related costs. For breeding, he will need to be here about a week at a time, he can come daily if you'd rather pick him up and drop him off every other day. At the end of his breeding career, 2-6 years, I cover the cost of his neuter and transfer ownership to you. Depending on how long he is with you/his age I would be happy to discuss the option of you keeping one of his offspring if that would be something you'd like. 

Female: Vet and pet care are same as above. I typically breed females up to 4 years of age. She will visit me here to be bred which tends to span 7-10 days. She then goes home with you for the 2 month duration of her pregnancy. At about a week prior to her due date she will move in with me for the 9 weeks until her puppies go home, at which time she comes back to live with you. At the end of her breeding career I cover the cost to spay her and transfer ownership to you.

As you can see, there are specific pro's to either gender but all in all some great options. 

As you can see, you would need to be local or be willing to travel to accomidate this schedule. If you have any questions please reach out, I'd love to hear from you. 



Small Mini

2 years old

Nika is silly, playful and very loving. If she could be held all day long she would be. She is crate trained, house broken and pretty well leash trained. She is unsure of new places but warms up well with a couple visits. Not as sure of men, but treats go a long way to winning her over. Her human so far has been a boy so that would be an easy transition. She is 15" and 23 lbs. I expect her breeding career to be another 2 years and I will be snagging her for a couple of shows here and there. 

Guardian Home Prospects: Available Pets
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