Panhandle Dogs

Some of our beloved previous puppies with their families.


Reflecting on 2020 and how it’s impacted our lives is a tough one. We have all collectively experienced lose, grief, isolation. When we were facing losing our beloved terrier on top of everything else the blow was deep. We had been searching for a puppy for months and had finally settled on a mini Aussie for our breed. Just days before we had to put our dog down I bump into Sarah. I complimented her sweet Aussie and asked where she got her. She just happened to be a breeder and have a pup left from her current litter. We brought Stanley home a week later. This dog has been unique in his ability to love everyone just the way they need. He’s playful, cheerful, never possessive of toys or people, he gives genuine hugs, super athletic, smart, and so adorable. His temperament is pure joy+attentiveness. He’s nearing 6 months and we still have yet to hear him bark. He really is a comfort to us all during this long strange time. I know I’m obsessed with our little guy but really he’s the best dog I have ever met in my life. Sometimes they are a reflection of their environment but sometimes they're just a really unique animal, and that he is. I am forever grateful that we have him in our lives and already find myself wishing he could live forever. 10 out of 10 I recommend this line of dogs. We will be looking to Sarah for a second when Stanley has settled in. Stanley has brought nothing but joy and enduring love to our home reminding us all what truly matters.


Red Tri Male


Summer 2020

Kate Jaeckel and Family


How did you do it? This puppy is so quick to learn, so bright and fun, our hearts are gone! Almost daily one of us will say how blessed we are to have her, she is just so wonderful!!! She sleeps all night! She watched the big dogs go through the doggie door and when Larry opened the flap for her, she jumped right through! She follows me everywhere, she found the bathroom yesterday, I have NO privacy!!! Her name now is Abigail Beecher and she seems to love it. I have pictures and a story, pictures are included. The other day, she pulled a garden hose across the back porch, through the doggie door and most of the way into the living room! When the vet came, she fell totally in love with Abby, and was impressed with how social she is, not afraid of anyone or anything!!! We are so pleased with our decision to get another dog and, better yet, that it's Abby!!! Thank you so much! Stop in anytime you're driving through, just don't take her home!!!

Abby, Black Tri Female

Sassy/Snickers Summer 2020

RoAnne McVay


I had a 10 week old mini Aussie and really wanted to get him a sibling to play with and grow up with. I also wanted another healthy puppy from a responsible breeder. When I saw Teddy through Panhandle Australian Shepherds, I knew that I wanted him as part of my family! When I first messaged Sarah and asked about the little guy, she was so responsive, helpful, and incredibly kind! Whether or not it worked out for me to get the puppy I wanted, I was so happy to see a breeder who truly cared about where she was sending the dogs and the possible environments in which they would be living. Long story short, I got the little red merle that I wanted and am so in love with him! He is the total package - healthy, goofy, adorable, and lovable. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Sarah and Panhandle Australian Shepherds, to give my Teddy Bear the best and happiest home that I can give. I absolutely recommend this breeder to anyone in search of a wonderful, healthy puppy to be a furry forever friend. 

Red Merle Male


Summer 2020

Makenzie Claeys